Every single step we take is driven by passion and standing for style and quality can only make sense if everything we do is done with respect. Respect for all of us, our planet and everything that lives on it. At the forefront of style and durable quality and at the opposite of mass and fast fashion, People + Planet has been at the core of our label’s way of working, every single step of the way.

For a true

Sustainable luxury

The best French workshops are involved in the making of our swimwear range. From design to assembly, including weaving and printing of fabrics, Elise Garreau calls on several local family businesses for their cutting-edge technical expertise. Our designer is convinced that true luxury can only be achieved through an artistic and ethical approach, with pieces produced as close as possible to her design studio. Moreover, the limited series production uses the
most exclusive fabrics. As for Resortwear, we are also aiming for 100% local production. Finally, our exceptional fabrics guarantee excellent durability of our products over time, for a more sustainable fashion.

Highest standards

smallest footprint

You will find almost only natural and sustainable fibres in our collections, made by the most ethical and OEKO-TEX certified mills and assembled by carefully selected garment making experts sharing our values.

We apply the same philosophy everywhere from the design through to delivery. All our packaging is made from recycled materials, certified wood, water-based inks… and when we really need to use plastic, it will always be biodegradable. We are also committed to planting more trees than we actually use. As an international brand, looking at our impact in the areas of supply chain transparency, sustainable fibres, environmental footprint, social advocacy plus giving back is our responsibility.