New Corner at Le Printemps, Caen

Elise Garreau is stepping up its presence in France with the opening of a new corner at Le Printemps in Caen, as the brand is expanding to the coastline of Normandy and its renowned costal luxury cities such as Deauville, Honfleur and Trouville. The Swim & Resortwear brand, which also has its French studios located in Normandy, is bringing to Le Printemps a touch of swim luxury and resort couture. A black and white capsule was specially assembled for the department store, featuring Elise Garreau’s signature swimwear. These are complemented by its most popular monochrome embroidered Resortwear shorts, skirts and kimonos, with their detailed embroideries to pair with the one-piece swimsuits, creating total looks with a distinct character.




Each EG garment represents the highest expression of technical and stylistic research, one that differs totally from the classic way in which contemporary fashion is generally interpreted. This is the result of intense research in terms of design and materials, modeling, and environmental sustainability.